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Cookie popup in the bottom of page

Twitter Bootstrap sticky footer (without the pain)

Strangely enough, the sticky footer examples which I've seen for Twitter Bootstrap 3 seem to ignore the fact that there is now a class which takes all the pain away. It's called 'navbar-fixed-bottom', and it is usually used to create a bottom up navigation bar. However, if you add it to your footer code, it works better than any other sticky footer examples. Here's how it works:
Create a footer thus:
<footer class="navbar-default navbar-fixed-bottom">
      <div class="container">
        <p>Hello world!</p>
Then style it using CSS thus:
      padding:1em 0;
 footer.navbar-default.navbar-fixed-bottom p
Easy! Sticky footers all the way for me now. They're really useful for mobile web apps.